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About Us



Ella is a Junior at Georgetown Visitation and a longtime lacrosse player.  She plays varsity lacrosse for Visitation, where she earned the “Coaches Award” as a freshman.  Ella is a starting attack on Pride Lacrosse’s 2022 Red Team, one of the top girls’ lacrosse clubs in the U.S.  Ella's dad is her lacrosse role model.

Her favorite saying is “make it happen.”



Coco is an 8th grader at Dorothy Hamm MS in Arlington, VA.  Like her older sister Ella, Coco is never far from her lacrosse stick.  Coco plays midfield and attack for Arlington Rec. lacrosse and for Pride’s 2025 Red Team, ranked by U.S. Lacrosse Magazine as the third best team in the U.S.  Coco loves teaching the sport to others, including her younger sister.

Her favorite saying is “leave it all on the field.”



Caroline is an 8th grader at Dorothy Hamm MS in Arlington, VA and has three younger siblings.  Caroline started playing lacrosse in kindergarten through Arlington’s Rec. Lacrosse Program.  She plays midfield for Arlington Rec. Lacrosse and for Pride’s 2025 Red Team and would one day like to see lacrosse back in the Olympics. 

Her favorite saying is “winners don’t always win, they just never give up.”

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